Our Lord Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few…” Nowadays there are many churches which are in need of servants of God. Based on that, CESNA has offered many sets of training programs with different focus and purposes. Using our extension model, we partner with many local churches to offer laypersons opportunities to receive biblical, theological and practical training. Therefore they can grow spiritually, serve effectively, and bless many of whom they serve.

Theological Education by Extension programs are for laypersons in churches who have the hearts to serve, are willing to use their time after work to receive a systematic theological education to better serve others. Students can choose their courses according to their own needs or they can participate in the School certificate programs for equipping with purpose.


1. are born-again Christians 
2. are willing to serve in local churches and providing good Christian testimony in their workplace.
3. will attend class and prepare to spend one additional hour outside classroom for each hour of lecture attended.



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