Q:How to register for a TEE class?

A: Please fill out a registration form at the bottom of the course flyer and then give it to the classroom coordinator with tuition, or send it to our School TEE departemnt. Please register for the class one week before the course starts or you may need to pay an extra $10 for late registration.


Q:Can I withdraw from the class and get a refund after the 1st session (i.e. 1st hour)?

A: Tuition Refund policy is as follows:

  • Withdraw in writing or by calling the office before class starts, refund 100% of tuition.

  • Withdraw before the 1st session ends, refund 70% with written request or a phone call to the office.

  • Withdraw before the 2nd session ends, refund 50% with written request or a phone call to the office.

  • Withdraw after the 2nd session, no refund is allowed.


Q:If I cannot attend part of the class, how to request for permission for absence?

A: Request to be absence for class” policy is as follows:

  • Need to inform the teacher and TEE department before the class starts and fill out the absence request form.

  • Absence period cannot be longer than 1/3 of the class time.

  • If the absence time is more ¼ of the class time without submitting request, there will be no credit given to the student, but the student still can sit in the class.


Q:What can I do if I cannot turn in my assignment before due date?

A:If there is special circumstance, like sickness, or emergency of a family member, or other unforeseeable event, the student can fill the appropriate form and obtain the approval of the teacher and TEE director. If it is approved, the student will receive an one-month extension for the due date. However the course grade will be lowered by one level. Beyond the extension date, no assignment will be accepted.


Q:How to get back the graded class assignment?

A:Please attach a self-address stamped envelop to the teacher so s/he can return the homework to you after grading is done. Student is also advised to keep a copy of the work handed in to the teacher for record.


Q:When the homework is due and how to get the course grade?


  1. For weekly class: the homework for the class is due 2 weeks after the final session. For intensive class: the due date for homework is 2 months after the course. Usually one month after the due dates, the teacher will turn in the course grades to the TEE office.

  2. Student can use our https://cesna.populiweb.com/ to inquire course grade.


Q:How the student’s work are graded?

A: The general grading standards are as follows (for reference only):

  1. Attendance 10%

  2. Reading 20% (mainly Chinese textbooks, approximately 500 pages)

  3. Homework 30%

  4. Exam and Report 40%


Q:Can a TEE student study disk-based or online course at home?

A:There are disk-based and online courses available for students to choose from. Students need to follow the syllabus and submit all homework in time before a grade is given. For certificate program, no more than 1/3 of the course units can be taken with disk-based or online courses to fulfill the 46 units for graduation.


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