Program Outline

This program is devised to educate those who are dedicated to teaching and advanced thelogical studies, to employ appropriate research methods, to cultivate ability in advanced theological studies, and to present essentially the result of theological research. The obtainer of the degree training is expected to provide theological education and to present the result of advanced theological studies in seminaries, churches and Christian organizations.


This program provides an advanced theological education for pastors and Christian workers who hold a Master of Divinity or its equivalent in order to teach or commit theological studies in an advanced level.

Suitable Candidates

A Master of Divinity degree or a Master of Theology degree or an equivalent of one of the degrees with an accumulated GPA of 3.0 and English proficiency.


A student in this program must complete 3 courses (7 credits) in basic research, 7 courses (21 credits) in biblical studies and theological studies, the special research course (3 credits) in biblical studies or theological studies, and a thesis (6 credits) for a total of 37 credit units.

Basic Research:

  • ThM Theological Research Methodologies (1)

  • Advanced Biblical Hebrew (3)

  • Advanced Biblical Greek (3)

Biblical Studies:

  • Contemporary Hermeneutics (3)

  • Pentateuch and Interpretation (3)

  • Historical Books and Interpretation (3)

  • Poetic-Wisdom Books and Interpretation (3)

  • Prophetical Books and Interpretation (3)

  • Elective Book in the Old Testament (3)

  • Gospels and Interpretation (3)

  • Pauline Epistles and Interpretation (3)

  • General Epistles and Interpretation (3)

  • Apocalyptical Literature and Interpretation (3)

  • Elective Book in the New Testament (3)

Theological Studies:

  • Systematical Theology Research I (3)

  • Systematical Theology Research II (3)

  • Systematical Theology Research III (3)

  • Contemporary Theology and Christian Doctrines (3)

  • Spiritual Formation and Discipleship (3)

  • Modern Issues in Christian Ethics (3)

  • Theologies on Luther and Calvin (3)

  • Theology on Augustine (3)

Special Research:

  • Special Research in Biblical Studies (3)

  • Special Research in Theological Studies (3)

Graduation Thesis (6)



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