Health Insurance

  • Health insurance is required before course registration
  • Please consult International Student Advisor for details


Driving License

  • Nearby DMV:800 S Glendora Ave., West Covina, CA 91790. Phone: (800)777-0133
  • Collect a copy of Driver’s Manual at the nearby DMV to study for DMV theory test.

    Theory Test:

    • Bring along passport, I-20, I-94 and social security card.
    • The written test can be taken in these languages: Chinese, English or Spanish. After passing the written test, you will receive a Learner’s Permit which is valid for a year. You may schedule for a driving test after 20hours of learning.

    Driving Test:

    • Bring along Learner’s Permit, driving test application form, car insurance for the intended vehicle to be used during testing. You cannot personally drive the vehicle to the testing center, someone else have to drive you there.


 Motor Insurance

  • Motor insurance is required before going on the road.
  • Liability insurance required for old vehicle, collision coverage is also required for new vehicle.


 Nearby Amenities

  • Supermarket: Vons on W. Cameron
  • Shopping Center: West Covina Mall, K-Mart, Sears
  • Doctor’s office: West Cameron, on West Covina Parkway
  • Dental office: West Covina Parkway
  • City Library: 1601 W West Covina Pkwy, W. Covina, CA 91790 TEL: (626)962-3541

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