CESNA Alumni Association Constitution


Chapter 1 – General

1.1   CESNA Alumni Association will be referred to as CAA.

1.2   CESNA is the home site of CAA.

Chapter 2 – Purpose

2.1 CAA’s purpose is to strengthen alumni relationship and resource sharing, as well as to promote the development of CESNA.

Chapter 3 – Members

3.1 CAA’s membership is divided into two types: normal members and honorary members.

3.2 Normal members

3.2.1 Graduates of CESNA’s degree programs are normal members.

3.2.2 Graduates of CESNA’s extension certificate program are normal members

3.2.3 Upon payment of normal member lifelong membership dues, membership comes into effect and normal members may enjoy various benefits and obligations.

3.2.4 The amount of membership dues are to be proposed by the committee and submitted to alumni assembly to be finalized.

3.3 Honorary members: full time instructors, board members, and staff members who have been with CESNA for three or more years are honorary members.

Chapter 4 – Organization

4.1 While CAA currently has a “General Assembly”, in the future as CAA membership increases, there will be “Regional Assembly”.

4.2 Below “General Assembly” are “Committee” and “Regional Assembly”.

4.3 Organizational framework:

Alumni Association

General Assembly

Regional Assembly (1)


Regional Assembly (2)

Chapter 5 – General Assembly

5.1 The General Assembly is CAA’s key organizational and executive body; it is made up of graduating students and alumni representatives.

5.2 The General Assembly holds an annual meeting.

5.3 The General Assembly President may call for interim meetings when necessary.

5.4 The General Assembly may appoint salaried workers as needed.

Chapter 6 – Alumni Representative

6.1 Each graduating class may recommend two to four graduating students to become alumni representatives.

6.2 Regional Assembly and President are members of the alumni representative group.

Chapter 7 – Regional Assembly

7.1 Below the General Assembly is the Regional Assembly. All rules, establishment of, and dissolution of regional assembly must be authorized by the General Assembly.

7.2 Regional Assembly Presidents must report to the General Assembly all matters, including activities, each year.

Chapter 8 – Committee

8.1 Below the General Assembly is the Committee. The Committee is comprised of seven people: President, Vice President, Secretary, Planning Director, Liaison Director, Finance Director, and School Representative. The Committee is responsible for carrying out the tasks assigned by the General Assembly.

8.2 Committee members are elected from Alumni Representatives through a vote. Committee members and school representative are assigned by President of CESNA.

8.2.1 All positions are fulfilled from the elected seven committee members.

8.2.2 Committee members have terms of two years, renewable one time. Each year no more than half of committee members may be changed.

8.2.3 Committee members will hold regular meetings. When necessary, the President of the Committee may call for meetings.

8.2.4 Committee members are to implement the decisions of the General Assembly. In emergency cases, committee members may take action prior to reporting to the General Assembly for follow up.

Chapter 9 Membership Dues

9.1 CAA welcomes and accepts all donations made by Christians.

9.2 Funds, budget, and cash flow are to be submitted by the Committee to the General Assembly for approval.

Chapter 10 – Additional Articles

10.1 CAA rules and any changes to these rules are to be implemented after approval by the General Assembly

10.2 Revisions to these rules must be proposed to Alumni Representatives. Half (50%) or more of the Alumni Representatives must be present, and of those present, two thirds (66.7%) must agree for revisions to pass.

10.3 Normal members may attend CESNA’s class and special conferences. However, teachers are not responsible for grading students who attend these courses for free nor will these courses provide credit hours. Free courses are limited to one per semester.

10.4  Normal members, upon receiving agreement by CESNA and agreeing to these rules, may enjoy the schools resources.


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