Scholarship Application Deadline: 5/31

Scholarship Annual Award Yearly Quota Target Candidate
Dr. Timothy Lin Scholarship Full Tuition 1 Calling to enter full time ministry upon graduation
Transtek Scholarship Full Tuition+stipend 1  
CESNA Scholarship Half Tuition 1 M.Div full time students
Church/organization Matching Scholarship Depends on Donor Depends on Donor All programs
Dean’s Scholarship $4,000 each
(Fall, 2017–Summer, 2018)
3 Type A,B,C on each
CCCC Scholarship $4,000 (2016-2017) 1 Called to serve in China after graduation
Holy Words without Boundary, Inc $2,500 1 Full time students
CBMC Mission Scholarship $7,200 (2017) 1 For student from China, and require to be committed to serve in Mainland China after graduation
Ezra Scholarship $2,000 1 M.Div full time students


Financial Aid Application Deadline: 9/30

Aid Type Annual Award Yearly Quota Target Candidate
Work Study Weekly Stipend for 10 hous 3 Students who are willing to wor using skills that match seminary needs and job openings
Spousal Tuition Aid 1/2 Tuition No Limit Sopuse of full-time students who take Master level courses as students
West Covina Rental Allowance $200/person (deadline: 9/30) No Limit Full time student with actual financial needs


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