To equip Christians committed to the calling of full-time pastoral ministry with comprehensive ministerial knowledge and skills to lead and serve in the local church setting and envision the needs for global evangelization.

Suitable Candidates

Born again Christians who demonstrate maturity in his character and spiritual life, with a fervent heart and clear calling for full-time ministry after graduation. Must have earned a baccalaureate degree. The spouse is a Christian and is supportive of the applicant going into full-time ministry. Regular involvement in local church and recommendation of Pastors or church leaders are required.


Credit Hours

135 units, including 120 units of academics plus 4 quarters of field education (15 units)

Degree Requirements

  • Required courses
    • Take 16 required courses in areas of biblical and theological studies.
  • Core courses
    • Take 12 core courses in areas of practical theology, which include 8 mandatory MDiv core courses and 4 other core courses.
    • The 8 mandatory MDiv core courses are identified with the asterisk (*) in the course curriculum below. The student must take these courses without exception.
    • The student may choose the other 4 core courses from the list of MDiv non-mandatory core courses or from the list of MCS or MTS core courses. The student may take more than one MTS core course, but the courses must be in different categories in order to be credited as core courses toward the student’s degree requirements. For example, if the student takes Revelation and Jeremiah, both can be credited as core courses, because Revelation belongs to the New Testament category, and Jeremiah belongs to the Old Testament category. However, if the student takes Revelation and The Epistles to Hebrews, only one of them is credited as a core course, and the other is credited as an elective course, because both belong to the New Testament category.
  • Spiritual formation
    • 3 courses.
  • Field education
    • 15 units on Field Education are required. Student may complete this requirement within three years.
  • Elective
    • Besides the required, core, spiritual formation courses, student may take any other courses to meet the total credit hours requirements.

Course Curriculum



Required courses
  • Theological Research Methods (3)
  • The Pentateuch (3)
  • Major Prophets (3)
  • The Gospels (3)
  • Pauline Epistles (3)
  • OT Theology (4)
  • NT Theology (4)
  • Elementary Biblical Hebrew (4)
  • Elementary Biblical Greek (4)
  • Hermeneutics (4)
  • Systematic Theology 1: Doctrine of God, Doctrine of Creation, and Doctrine of Revelation (4)
  • Systematic Theology 2: Christology, Soteriology, and Doctrine of Humanity (4)
  • Systematic Theology 3: Pneumatology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology (4)
  • Apologetics (3)
  • Christian Ethics (3)
  • Church History (4)
Core courses:8 mandatory courses (marked with *) and 4 other courses (may choose other degree's core courses)
  • Introduction to Pastoral Ministry (4) *
  • Homiletics (4) *
  • Pastoral Counseling (3) *
  • Introduction to Missiology (4) *
  • Evangelism and Church Growth (3) *
  • Postmodern Thoughts and Christianity (3) *
  • Introduction to Christian Education (4) *
  • Chinese Church History in China and North America (3) *
  • North American Chinese Church Issues (3)
  • Contemporary Chinese Cultural Trends (3)
  • Organizational Leadership (3)
  • Bible and Counseling (4)
  • Special Topics on Pastoral Ministry (3)
Spiritual Formation: 2 mandatory courses (marked with *), and choose 1 more course.
  • Biblical Foundation of Spiritual Formation (3) *
  • Self-awareness and Holistic Person Development (3) *
  • Lifelong Development of a Spiritual Leader (3)
  • Christian Spiritual Heritage and Practice (3)
  • Community Approach to Spiritual Formation (3)
Field Education
  • Field Education 1: (3)
  • Field Education 2: (3)
  • Field Education 3: (3)
  • Field Education 4: (6)
Elective May enroll in any CESNA master course to fulfill remaining credit hours



Admission Requirements

Born again, baptized for at least 3 yrs, committed to full time pastoral ministry, BA degree or its equivalent, international students whose TOFEL score is between 450-500 will be accepted on probationary basis and requires additional Theological English course.

Application Procedure

Request application package from CESNA Admission Department. Two recommendation letters from pastor or church leaders (to be sent directly to CESNA). Upon receiving your completed application forms with accompanying documents and application fees, you will be notified to sit for admission tests if you fulfilled preliminary requirements.

Admission Tests

1) Written: Bible Knowledge, Chinese & English; 2) Interview. Candidates who passed the tests will receive admission acceptance letter.



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