TEE has “Theological Education Certificate” and “Ministry Training Certificate” programs.

The student of “Theological education certificate” program needs to meet the following requirement for graduation, and s/he will receive a “Certificate of Completion” of the program.

  • Intermediate Completion Certificate…………24 units
  • Theological Education Certificate…………46 units (required courses: 16 units; electives: 30 units)
  • ( All students have 10 years to complete the certificate programs. All units earned older than that will not be counted.)

For obtaining the “Ministry Training Certificate”, students can arrange to finish all 8 courses within 2 to 4 years.


Theological Education Certificate program

  1. Student needs to earn 46 TEE units (required courses: 16 units; electives: 30 units) and will receive a “Theological Education Certificate”. With 24 units, the student will receive an “Intermediate completion Certificate”.
  2. This program mainly consists of biblical courses. For the electives, there are many choices for the students to choose from, please see the table below for reference.
  3. ※ Please choose any course in this category to fulfil your certificate requirement
  4. This curriculum plan is a reference for Southern California students; students from other regions can slightly modify the curriculum to fit their needs with prior TEE department approval.
Subjects Required Courses Electives
Theology ST(1)Christ and Salvation
Apologetics / Christian Ethics / Church History / Systematic Theology (2): Ecclesiology / Systematic Theology (3): Pneumatology
O.T. Poetic and Wisdom Books
Major Prophets
Minor prophets / Historical Books / Deuteronomy / Isaiah / Psalms
Individual OT books / OT Theology
N.T. Gospels
Pauline Epistles
Gospel of John / Acts of the Apostles / Romans / Pastoral Epistles / Revelation / Individual NT books / NT Theology
Education ※ Christian Education Children ministry / Adult ministry / Teaching and learning theories / Marriage and Family / Cell Group ministry
Ministry ※Church Ministry, Counseling, Mission Introduction to mission / Literature ministry / Personal evangelism / Family counseling / Crisis counseling /
Discipleship / Bible & counseling / Preaching

Boldfaced courses are also available in online format.


Ministry Training Certificate Program

In view of the need of the local church, the School will plan with the local church for providing a series of specialized training for their members. The curriculum of 8 courses usually last for 2 to 4 years. This curriculum can start in any quarter and in any order. Upon finishing these 8 courses, the student will receive a certificate for their completion.

  1. 5 ministry training certicate series:
      • Bible Teacher Training Series
      • Advanced Bible Study Series
      • Mission Worker Equipping Series
      • Family Ministry of Local Church series
      • Caring & Counselling Series
      • Spiritual Formation Series
      • Laymen Advanced Ministry Series
      • Leadership Training Series
      • Practical Apologetics Series
  2. We welcome local churches to partner with us to train members to become effective servants of God.
  3. According to their gifts and burdens, the students will finish these courses within 2 to 4 years and become a useful servant of God.

Series First Subject Group Second Subject Group
1a. Bible Teacher Training

Pentateuch (Survey)

Gospels (Survey)


Prophets (Survey)

Pauline Epistles

Wisdom Literatures

General Epistles

Principles of teaching & learning

1b. Advanced Bible Study Series

Pentateuch (individual books)

Gospels (Individual books)

Holy Land and the Bible

Prophets (individual books)

Prison or Pastoral Epistles

Wisdom Literatures (individual books)

Book of Revelation

Bible and Authority

2. Mission Worker Equipping

Mission in OT Perspective

Introduction of Mission

Mission in NT Perspective

Mission and Chinese Cultures

Religion and Politics

Contemporary Chinese Church History

Personal Evangelism

Issues related to Mission

3a. Family Ministry of Local Church

Family in the Bible

Parenting and 2nd Generation Ministry

Christian Marriage

Intimate Relationship Building

Children Ministry: Family and Church partnership

Christian Active Parenting

Strong Marriage Certificate

Premarital Counseling

3b. Caring & Counseling

Personal Development

Healthy Human Relationship

The book of Job and caring

Caring Ministry in a Local Church

Issues about Caring

Counseling and Counselor

Premarital Counseling

Basic Skills of Counseling

4. Spiritual Formation

Biblical Foundation of Personal Formation

Personal Development

Personal Formation and Growth

Character Forming


Leadership Examples from Christ

Team ministry

The Calling of Christians

5a. Laymen Advanced Ministry

Forming Church Leadership


Crisis counseling


Cell group: Theory and Practices

Book of Daniel

Theology of Spirituality

Christian Ethics

5b. Leadership & Shepherding

Personal development

Leadership Team building

Forming Church Leadership


Human Resource of a Local Church

Servant Leader/Forming a Leader/ Forming different level of Church Leaders

Church Growth/Multi-congregational ministry

Issues of Church and Society

6. Practical Apologetics

Survey of Contemporary Apologetics

Comparative Religions: Judaism, Isalm & Christianity


Christianity and Confucianism

Religion & Politics

Creationism vs Evolutionism

Issues of Bio-ethics

Contemporary discussion of Cults

Boldfaced courses are also available in multimedia formats.


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