Program Outline

The goal of this program is to help students gain various perspectives in the nature and philosophy of Christian ministries while establishing their own perspective. The historical and present trends of church developments and ministerial practices are explored in order to help realize the appropriate way to contextualize ministerial skills and formats. The final dissertation requires students to demonstrate an integration of theology, ministerial philosophy, and contextual practices which is workable in their future ministries.


The curriculum focuses on spiritual renewal, in-depth theological comprehension and enrichment of ministerial skills in pastoral ministry.

Suitable Candidates

Pastors and Christian workers who hold a Master of Divinity or its equivalent, and have been serving full-time in the field for at least three years.

Degree Requirements

  • Required units: 48
    • Core courses (4 courses or 16 units)
      • Advanced Theological Research Method
      • Theological Integration
      • Spiritual Formation
      • Writing Dissertation Proposal
    • Individual elective courses (6 courses or 24 units)
      • Elective courses could be organized for cohort groups or conducted as Independent Study
    • Dissertation writing (8 units)
  • This degree will require three years of full-time study (16 units per year) to complete
  • Students have up to six years to complete the degree




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