To provide fundamental training for those preparing for full-time or part-time ministry. The program offered help students to master an in-depth knowledge, through various tools, in Biblical contents and Christian doctrines so as to build a solid academic foundation for future research work in Biblical and theological studies.


Born again Christians who demonstrate maturity in his character and spiritual life, with a fervent heart and calling for theological research work. Must have earned a baccalaureate degree.

Credit Hours

90 quarter units

Distance Education

If a  student lives more than 25 miles away from the LA main campus at West Covina or works more than 30 hours per week, the student may use distance education to complete all 90 units for the MTS program. The student is welcome to but not required to take courses at the LA main campus.

Degree Requirements

  • Required courses

    • Take 16 required courses in areas of biblical and theological studies.

  • Core courses

    • Take 5 core courses (15 credits) including Advanced Biblical Hebrew, Advance Biblical Greek, a biblical course in Old Testament (e.g., Jeremiah), a biblical course in New Testament (e.g., Revelation), and a theological course on a special topic (e.g., Public Theology).

  • Spiritual formation

    • 2 courses.

  • Elective

    • Besides the required, core, and spiritual formation courses, student may take any other courses to meet the total credit hours requirements.

Course Curriculum



Required courses

  • Theological Research Methods (3)

  • The Pentateuch (3)

  • Major Prophets (3)

  • The Gospels (3)

  • Pauline Epistles (3)

  • OT Theology (4)

  • NT Theology (4)

  • Elementary Biblical Hebrew (4)

  • Elementary Biblical Greek (4)

  • Hermeneutics (4)

  • Systematic Theology 1: Doctrine of God, Doctrine of Creation, and Doctrine of Revelation (4)

  • Systematic Theology 2: Christology, Soteriology, and Doctrine of Humanity (4)

  • Systematic Theology 3: Pneumatology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology (4)

  • Apologetics (3)

  • Christian Ethics (3)

  • Church History (4)

Core courses

  • Advanced Biblical Hebrew (3)

  • Advance Biblical Greek (3)

  • A biblical course in Old Testament (e.g., Jeremiah) (3)

  • A biblical course in New Testament (e.g., Revelation) (3)

  • A theological course on a special topic (e.g., Public Theology) (3)

Spiritual Formation

  • Biblical Foundation of Spiritual Formation (3)

  • Self-awareness and Holistic Person


May enroll in any CESNA master course to fulfill remaining credit hours


Admission Requirements

Born again, baptized for at least 3 yrs, committed to Christian education and theological research work, BA degree or its equivalent, international students whose TOFEL score is between 450-500 will be accepted on probationary basis and requires additional theological English course.

Application Procedure

Request application package from CESNA Admission Department. Two recommendation letters from pastor or church leaders (to be sent directly to CESNA). Upon receiving your completed application forms with accompanying documents and application fees, you will be notified to sit for admission tests if you fulfilled preliminary requirements.

Admission Tests

1) Written: Bible Knowledge, Chinese & English; 2) Interview. Candidates who passed the tests will receive admission acceptance letter.



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