The President's Circle was created in 2016, aiming to recruit supports the President of CESNA in establishing her ministry and vision.  The circle forms the network and foundation for the President to develop and implement her vision.  In the past years, President's Circle members were instrumental in pushing for the purchase of CESNA's first dormitory and fundraising effort.

Member's Commitment:

1. Annual Donation;

2. Support CESNA with prayers.

The ministries of CESNA:

1. Provide financial assisatnce to needy seminary students and to increase their opportunities in learning;

2.  Attract first-class faculty members;

3. Continue to develop the "China Theological Education ministry," educating the future leaders and servants to meet the enormous needs of Chinese churches;

4. To meet the financial needs of the school, including paying off the $2 million building mortgage;

5. Help pay off the dormitory interest-free loans 

President's Circle Members:

John Tsern

Mindy Ying

Terence Lo

Kerrie Chan

Jack Sze

Yumin Huang

Grace Liu

Tiangang Qian

Peter & Rebecca Peng

Michael Wan


Contact Us

1520 W. Cameron Ave., Suite 275

West Covina, CA 91790

Hot line: +1 626-917-9482


Online Donation

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