Agnes Chiu, Ph. D. 趙李秀珍 博士

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  • CurrentAdjunct Professor / Legal Counsel
  • SubjectsSystematic Theology, Christian Ethics, Public Theology
  • Qualifications
    • Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California
      • Ph.D. in Christian Ethics 2017
    • Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
      • Ph.D. Candidate in Theology
    • Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California
      • Master of Arts in Biblical Studies 2010
    • California State Bar Licensed Attorney
    • The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law
      • Juris Doctor 1991
    • The University of California, Irvine
      • Bachelor of Arts in Social Ecology, Criminology 1988
  • Seminars:
    • 2020
      • April 27-29: Sphere Sovereignty and Religious Morality on Social Labor Relations. Kuyper Centennial Congress Conference, New York, USA.
    • 2019
      • June - July 2019: A Biblical Perspective of Sufferings and Death, 從聖經看苦難與死亡。 First Chinese Baptist Church, Walnut, California.
    • 2018
      • May18-19: The Relationship of Church and Society and How Church Can Transform Society, Chinese Bible Mission Church, Alhambra, California
      • June 22: Joy and Contentment: How to Evaluate Successes and Failures from a Biblical View, First Chinese Baptist Church, Walnut, California
      • August 31: Identity and Integration: An extrapolation of Kuyper’s approach to the 21st-century European migration phenomenon and challenges. 5th Neo-Calvinism Conference, Leuven, Belgium
      • September 9: Living Out Our Faith. First Evangelical Church San Gabriel, Rosemead, California
      • September 30: Image of God and Public Theology, First Chinese Baptist Church, Walnut, California
    • 2017
      • June 12: How Should Church Encounter Social Issues, Greater Los Angeles Chinese Ministerial Association, Los Angeles
      • June 15: Trump Presidency and the United States Supreme Court Justices Nominations on the Freedom of Religion, International Reformed Theological Institute Conference, Hong Kong
      • October 14: Living Out Your Faith -- How do Teachers Develop a Healthy Worldview, First Chinese Baptist Church, Los Angeles
      • December: The Theological Perspective of Image of God and the Need for a Public Theology, Chinese Mission Conference, Ontario, California
    • 2016
      • January: “Forging a Christian Ethics Future”, Society of Christian Ethics, Toronto, Canada
  • Past Experiences
    • Board Director of China Evangelical Seminary North America
    • California licensed attorney; focused on business law and employment law
    • Amity Law Group -- Partner
    • Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Pro Tem / Panel Arbitrator
    • Board of Director of Society of Christian Ethics (Student Representative)
    • Board of Director of Chinese Christian Herald Crusades
    • Board of Director of Herald Christian Health Center
    • Board of Director of Luke Services International
    • Board Member of Chinese Evangelical Free Church of Los Angeles
  • Research Interests
    • Neo-Calvinism, Abraham Kuyper
    • Current Project: Translation of Kuyper's Ons Program from Dutch to Chinese
    • China's labor issues; Christianity and social concerns
  • Publications
    • Book Review on "Hope and Christian Ethics" by David Elliot, Cambridge University Press: New York 2017. The Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics, Volume 7, 2019, BR7, King's Divinity Press, King's Evangelical Divinity School. January 2019.
    • “The Theological Perspective of Image of God and the Need for a Public Theology”, in Image of God, CESNA: Covina. June 2018.
    • The Emergence of the Conservative Legal Movement and Public Theology in the Context of U.S. Supreme Court Justices Appointment, Resonance: A Theological Journal, Vol. 4-2 Christianity and Culture, Summer 2018.
    • Out of Antagonistic Destiny: Peacemaking in an Employment Context, a Collection of Essays in Honor of Glen H. Stassen, Christian Ethics Today, November 2014。
    • “And You Welcome Me?” A Theological Response to the Militarization of the US-Mexico Borders and the Criminalization of Undocumented Migrants --- Ilsup Anh, Agnes Chiu, and William O’Neill, CrossCurrents, Volume 62, Issue 3, 303-322, September 2013.


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