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TEE Extension Certificate Course

Teaching Principles and Practice (Taught in Cantonese)

Sunday Afternoon Class

2018 年1/28; 2/4, 11,25; 3/4,11 

Teacher: Rev. Paul Ng, Ph.D. from Trinity Theological Seminary, MA from Dallas Theological Seminary; MS in Counseling. Currently, serves as the Chinese congregational pastor of the Orange County Chinese Presbyterian Church。

This course is designed to teach students of biblical teaching principles and practices, including how to prepare a lesson plan.

To Apply: please contact Meng Wei (626)917-9482 x182;Email: 

Fee: $120/2  units(church staff/seminary student $100; couple$220; new student, add $10 registration fee.

T.E.E. – To Become Our Partners

Stage 1: Assess The Need

  1. Understand the goals, curriculum, programs, and operation guideline of CESNA T.E.E. ministry.
  2. Contact our T.E.E. Director (Rev. Cliff Chan, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Tel: 626-917-9482 x181) to share the need and vision of the training need.
  3. Communicate with neighbouring churches, if available, to have a mutual agreement and support for this training.
  4. Supply us with contact information of church coordinator, address, telephone number, email address for further discussion of course planning.

Stage 2: Prepare To Move Forward

  1. Classroom representative: Assign a responsible and committed layman for coordinating the course arrangement.
  2. Course planning: Research which courses are most needed in the region.
  3. Date and Time: Avoid arranging courses having conflicts with the major events of the church(es), and decide what course arrangement module is the best for most students. In Los Angeles area, course can be arranged in week nights for 2.5 hours each time, for 7-8 weeks. For non-LA classrooms, course can be arranged in a long weekend format with 20 hours of intensive training.

Stage 3: Preparation for the Class

  1. Two month before class starts, the classroom will receive flyers from our School, so the classroom can promote and start to register interested students . In addition, our School website will publish the course information and will broadcast the course offering through different available means to the community.
  2. One month before class starts, the School will supply the classroom coordinator with all necessary forms for record keeping: attendance sheet, tuition payment record sheet, class evaluation forms, etc.
  3. Student will fill out registration form and pay the tuition.
    • Each course (2 units) tuition: $100 ($50 per unit)
    • New student record fee: $10 (one time only)
    • walk-in registration: $10 (extra)
    • Couples studying together: $90 per person
    • Full time ministers or seminarian: $90
    • **No auditor allowed. All students are required to pay tuition before attending the class**
  4. Original handout copy will be mailed to classroom coordinator 2 weeks before class starts. Coordinator will make copies for the students.
  5. Two days before class starts, all handouts and forms should be well prepared.
  6. One day before class starts, all matters related to hosting the teacher should be well organized.

Stage 4: During the Class

  1. Classroom coordinator arranges transportation for teacher locally, welcomes students and makes necessary announcement for the course.
  2. If necessary, classroom matters can be assigned to students for sharing the responsibility.
  3. Taking attendance and making sure that all assignment of the course are clearly stated in class.
  4. In the last session of the course, please let the students fill out the “class evaluation” form for improvement.

Stage 5: After the Class

  1. The School will remunerate all honorarium and transportation expenses to the teacher directly.
  2. Teacher’s meal and lodging will be arranged by the classroom coordinator.
  3. The following records will be collected and sent back to our School: attendance sheet, tuition record, registration form, class evaluation form. If the forms are compiled in electronic files, please email the forms back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for record keeping.
  4. After collecting all the records from the classroom, our School will record them into our database. The students will receive our regular newsletter and other School related publication. All new students will receive a welcoming letter with and “ID number”, which is used to access our student record through our website.
  5. After class starts, if there is any questions, please contact our staff for assistance if needed.

    Esther Hu
    1520 W. Cameron Ave., Suite 275
    West Covena, CA 91790
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
    Tel: 626-917-9482 x 182    Fax: 626-851-1371



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